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Money Issues

Helping people better understand their relationship to and deep underlying beliefs about money and worth is a special passion of mine.  It is rather telling that people are more likely to discuss their concerns about sex than their concerns about money- not only with me, but with their loved ones as well.  For this reason, finances remain one of the biggest stressors in a relationship. With the current economic environment, understanding our relationship with money is more important than ever.  Understanding your money issues - not just debt or spending, but wealth concerns as well- clarifies the underlying dynamics of your childhood and family of origin, and underlying beliefs about yourself. 

What do I mean by wealth concerns?  Having financial wealth can cause its own stress, anxiety and worry- and not just about the finances. Some may not understand this, believing that wealth will bring peace, but many of you out there know exactly what I mean.  Are you fearful of never having enough?  Of losing it all?  Are you compulsive about and overwhelmed by work? Are there trust issues because of your wealth?  Or maybe some other dynamic that you can not pinpoint?  Money can be a powerful energy and influence in our lives - acquiring more does not always put us at ease.  Those born into wealth may have unique concerns and dynamics that may hold them back in unexpected, but powerful, ways. 

I help you explore ALL your beliefs about money and how these beliefs impact every area of your life, from the obvious to the (maybe) not so obvious - spiritual, relationship with self, and relationships with others.

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